Recruitment For Banking Industry

Banking and finance, one of the industries requiring high intellect, is growing faster than ever before. With the overall industrial and economic development, funds are rapidly changing hands, finding their ways through various banking and finance institutions for a large number of reasons. It is the hub of all the commercial activities and basis of every business.

To cater to the demand of this challenging, interesting and vast sector, we have all the necessary infrastructure and expertise. We are a renowned placement agency, placing high-caliber finance & banking professionals, from newly-qualified through to board level, on a permanent and contract basis.

Our financial recruiters are well connected, dynamic and experienced in the industry. They intricately understand the banking and finance marketplace and have successfully fulfilled the vacancies throughout the nation and abroad. We have chosen our office locations in prime cities, offering global opportunities to the corporates as well as the candidates. Our clients consist of major investment banks, corporate commercial banks, investment houses, business groups and rating agencies.

Alook at some of the vacancies for which we actively recruit:

  • Financial Reporting head
  • Analyst/Transaction Staff
  • Financial Services Staff
  • Operations Managers/Staff
  • Equity Sales person
  • Mutual Funds Sales manager/Person
  • Technical Accounting Manager/Staff
  • Product Controller - Credit Derivatives ete
  • Sales product control group

  • Regulatory Controller
  • Accountant Staff
  • Unit Trust Administrator
  • Product Head
  • Regional Sales
  • Retail Staff
  • Corporate head
  • Customer care executives
  • Front Desk manager/Staff
  • Lease and asset financing people
  • Cashiers/Clerks

We focus on providing an unrivaled recruitment service to the financial and banking services sector. What really sets us apart, is that our consultants have the working experience of the industry and the experts who screen the candidates are amongst the best in the industry. This ensures that they understand the crucial aspects such as formal training, skills, experience and culture required to place the right people in the right bank or financial institution.